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Subject: who is CHRIST ?
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uparum 18.10.09 - 01:37am
When the world was created, there is a clear indication that God was not alone from the very first begining, Genesis 1 vs 26 'then God saidAnd now we will make human beings;they will be like us...., there are three things that I want to emphasis on here, the wording in verse 26 we like us.......resemble us these words are very clear in a context that God is not alone at the time of creation, the question now is who was with God at that time? before this verse becomes clear to you lets jump to the book of John 1 vs 1-5 1. In the begining the Word already existed;the Word was with God and the Word was God. 2. Fro the very begining the Word was with God. 3. Through him(Word)God made all things not one thing in all creation was made without him(Word). 4. The Word was the source of life and this life brought light to humanity. 5. The light shines in the darknes and the darkness has never put it out. this verse is a bit complex, i want you to take a closer look at it, it said ,God was WITH the Word and the Word WAS God; there is accually two in one situation here but if we an*lise the two they are quite the same, becouse God had a Word(which is two figures in one ,God and the his Word) but the Word was God(you can not separate God to his Word, just like you can not separate a person to his or her word or voice unless that person has got no voice) so if you can underdstand it this way , it was God and his Voice but the Voice was in him. this is a two in one sittuation. The verse continues to show us another two in one situation, of the Word and the source of life,life that gave light to humanity, so you see it is the Word and life but life itself was in the Word. in verse 3, all things were created through the Word *

uparum 18.10.09 - 01:41am
WELCOME to our new and impresing group of knowledge, come lets share about who Christ is.................your host for today is me Lucas a.k.a uparum *

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